A live theatrical performance is a great way to learn about Women in Railroading. Our productions are educational, informative, entertaining and fun for the entire family. Program options include one-woman shows, one-act and full-length plays, character reenactments and short films.

Below you will find a brief description of our productions. Please note that we can adapt any of our programs for your venue. We can even create a new one just for you.

If you are interested in having us perform at your event, or if you would like to acquire the rights to one of our productions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Short Films:

A Chance to See the West is a short film circa 1924 based on a true story of 2 women who left their homes and families to work for the Fred Harvey Company as waitresses along the Santa Fe Railway. The Fred Harvey Company employed over 100,000 women from all over the USA. These independent ladies helped to settle the wild west and became known as "Harvey Girls." (local viewing only)

One Act Plays:


A one-act educational comedy-taking place at the turn of the century. Follow the travels of a young girl aboard a train as she encounters a female Conductor, Station Agent, Hobo, Pipe Fitter, Saloon Girl and Harvey Girl. Relive the roles these women had when they worked on/for and with the railroad.

ISPWR...the play

Six women bring to you a novel solution to dull cliques & social groups with the formation of the International Society for the Preservation of Women in Railroading (ISPWR). This one-act comedy combines women, trains, fun, education, and a little bit of zaniness to bring you some insight into the world of ISPWR.

ISPWR...the unknowns

This is our newest play in the works. We have taken some of the characters from ISPWR...the play and brought in some new ones. This one-act comedy is an informal meeting of ISPWR, which tells the stories of women you may not know, but who definitely made an impact in the world of railroading. (Work in progress)

Character Reenactments:

A combination of costumes, stories, props and laughter makes up the recipe for our character reenactments. We have many stories about women in railroading, past, present and future. Here are a couple of show ideas. We can always adapt any reenactment to your specific needs.

ISPWR...the short

Robin Momann, President of ISPWR, returns to recap ISPWR...the play for you. Watch as she relives the characters and stories of Mary Colter, Phoebe Snow and Kate Shelley. She'll also have you singing along to ISPWR...the song.

ISPWR...the hobo's story
Adapted from Getting Ready, this one-woman show is great for kids of all ages. Our world-class-traveling girl shares her stories about her travels on rails.

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