Reference Material- "Harvey Girls"

New Mexico Magazine

"Bernice Myers Glenn…Harvey Girl Counts her Blessings", New Mexico Magazine, Mar 2004 Pgs22-23
One page article + one-page color photo of Bernice Glenn, who tells of her career as a Harvey Girl from 1933-1937, while she also attended college at New Mexico Highlands University.

Railroad Magazine

"Those Harvey Girls", Railroad Magazine, December, 1964 Cover photo + Pgs13-16
4 page article + small photo on cover by Patrice Smart, the story of Santa Fe depot waitresses who helped to civilize the west. Two great photos from 1880's and 1890's of actual Harvey Girls, photos from Santa Fe Railway archives. Good overview of the Harvey girl story. Photo of the Old Santa Fe depot in Topeka Kansas, home of the first Harvey " Dining Hall"

Reminisce Magazine

"Remembering the Harvey Girls", Reminisce Magazine, May/June 2002, Pgs.30-33
4 Page color article all about these famous waitresses and their place in history. Features ½ page postcard of Judy Garland in the MGM musical "The Harvey Girls". Also gives personal accounts from actual Harvey Girl waitresses, plus photo and mention of the Harvey Girls Historical Society.

Preservation Magazine

"Drawing from the Desert", Preservation Magazine, July/August 1997 Pgs34-43
10 page article by Arnold Berke, on Mary Colter the woman architect that worked for the Santa Fe Railway and the Fred Harvey Company. Mary created many building at the Grand Canyon National Park, many are still standing. This comprehensive article tells of Mary's inspiration, designs, successes and challenges.

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