Reference Material- "Women In Railroading"

Southern Pacific Bulletin

" Help Shortage Still Acute", Southern Pacific Bulletin, September 1944, Pg. 13
One page article asking for help in recruiting more employees to fill jobs during the war.
Pictures show railroadettes atop a locomotive who are working at the SP roundhouse.
Same page has a short article "Friendly Service Is Motto of Bakersfield 'Hello Girl'
Switchboard operator for the SP.

"Railroad Women On the Fast Track", Southern Pacific Bulletin, August 1981,
3 page article featuring color photos of four women who work on the SP. Southern Pacific was the first railroad to place women at the throttle of locomotives. The featured women are: Lila Cox, an SP attorney, Student Engineer Paula Dailey, Assistant Manager of American Railroad Bureau Rita Dorsey, and Assistant Claims Agent Brenda Marsh.

"Equal Employment Opportunity Policy gets New Emphasis", Southern Pacific Bulletin, June 1995, Pg. 1.
One page article on the Southern Pacific's established EEO policy. Article features picture of Linda Woodard, Manager of Equal Employment Opportunity.

"A Lifesaver Tour", Southern Pacific Bulletin, June 1995 Pg.6
Snapshot and caption of Jolene Molitoris, head of the Federal Railroad Administration on a tour of an SP sponsored "Officer on the Train" tour an effort by Operation Lifesaver's to promote crossing safety.

"System Snapshot", Southern Pacific Bulletin, June 1995 Pg.9
Snapshot of Kathy Lewis and Heather Lue Sang, Regional Account Managers for SP, Monterey Park.

Railroad Magazine

"Dorothy A. Laughlin…Interesting Railfan No.55", Railroad Magazine July 1967
Cover +Pgs.28-31. 5 pages total including Cover photo, personal bio of a railfan who was one of two Florida women qualified to run Miami's Historical Society's Gold Coast RR.

"Railroad Women", Railroad Magazine May 1974, Pg. 3
One page, with picture and 3 paragraphs on Christine Gonzales one of the first three American women to become a locomotive engineer, said to be number 3. She worked for the Santa Fe. Also on the same page Selma Perscher an old photo from 1919 and a 3 paragraph personal account of a funny story as a SP freight-claims employee.

'Two Girls Being Trained as Frisco Train Dispatchers", Railroad Magazine May 1974 Pg.19. One page with 3 photos and small paragraph on the first women dispatchers-trainees for the Frisco.

"She is Number One", Railroad Magazine July 1975, Pgs.2-3
Two pages article on Evelyn Newell the first female to become a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. She is reported to be the first woman locomotive engineer. She worked for Southern Pacific

"Jackie is Number Two", Railroad Magazine January 1976 Pgs.2-4
Three page article on Jackie Bigelow who was the second woman to join the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. She worked for Southern Pacific and is said to be second woman Engineer.

Trains Magazine

"Notes… Trains September 1943", Trains Magazine September 1943, Cover+ 1pg.
Black & White Cover features a woman brakeman. Inside notes is a three-paragraph article on women working on the railroad. Article asks the question, how will the public take to women in passenger-train service?

"A Lady Named Kate…….a brief history of women in railroading", Trains Magazine, April 1982 Cover + Pgs.20-30
Color Cover and 11-page article covering the history of women in railroading. Kate Shelley, Harvey Girls, B&O restaurant keepers and Women of the War, this article covers all the different roles women have held along the railroad. Also features trains named for women. Features 8 photos of today's women (current to 1982).

"The Lady and the Pennsy", Trains Magazine, December 1982, Pgs. 48-50
3 page personal story of Margot Fogg about her experiences as a ticket seller for the Pennsylvania Railroad starting in 1943.

Trains & Travel Magazine

"So this is Railroading!", Trains & Travel, December 1953, Cover + Pgs.20-25
Cover plus 6-page article of the first hand account of a female journalist, Rosemary Entringer, who was on the staff of Trains & Travel magazine. We travel with Rosemary as she is exposed to railroad shops, roundhouses, diesel cabs and 1400 miles of railroading fun. Many pictures and many stories are told.

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