Reference Material- "Women In Railroading"


"Mrs. Casey Jones Takes Over", Click Magazine, October 1943 Cover + Page 10-12
Click is an oversized magazine much like Life magazine. This 4-page article is mostly pictures depicting the different jobs women held on the railroad during the war.
10 different pictures most ¼ of page or more in size. Cover and one interior picture full page and in-color. 4 paragraph article and captions under the pictures.

RailNews Magazine

" Women In Railroading", RailNews Magazine, May 1998, Pgs.44-51
8-page color article featuring women of today and their railroad careers. Amtrak's Alison Conway-Smith, the only female chief engineer in the United States is featured, as well as Crisi DeGardo who as 20 years on the Rails. Lisa Pattison a general manger for two shortline railroads, Anne Denman, who is president of the American Council of Railroad Women, and a mother daughter team Merry and Rhonda Potter are also highlighted. Various photos and bios.

Penn Central Post

"Women on the Job", Penn Central Post, January 1975. Trade News for America's Leading Railroad Family. Cover + 3 oversize pages 11"x 17". Features 13 different women and their different jobs at Penn Central. Passenger trainman to administrative assistant, coach cleaners to yard conductors, women at Penn Central are doing it all. Features a picture of each woman and a description of her specific job.

Progressive Railroading

"In Transit….Women in passenger rail provide insight into the ongoing transition from 'intruders' to respected leaders", Progressive Railroading, September 2002, Pgs.41-45
5 pages (photocopy) featuring eight women and their experiences and observations. The women hold a variety of titles at an assortment of agencies. Shirley Johnson works for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Lauran Krugman worked at Tri-County Commuter Rail Authority in South Florida. Barbara Williams was hires by Conrail and worked in New Jersey Transit. Vivian Chaney, Georjan Peters, Jennifer Verley, Evelyn Henderson, and Dorcas Joslin are also featured.

Santa Fe Magazine

"Our first Woman Engineer Trainee….", Santa Fe Magazine, June 1973, Pg. 25
One page article,(4 paragraphs with photo), introducing Christene Gonzales, one of the first woman engineer trainees. On the same page, 4 paragraph article and photo of Georganne Hughes, towerperson up in the Barstow Yard Tower.

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