"Reference Material- 'Women in Railroading'

Newspaper Articles

"She Answered call of Train Whistle", Manchester, NH Sunday News, September 29, 1985, Women Section
Newspaper article full sheet of paper copied in two parts, each sheet 11"x13"
Article on Anne Oehlschlaeger New England Southern Railroad's Lone Woman Freight Agent-Conductor

"From Radcliffe….to the Railroad", Boston Sunday Herald, September 16, 1990
Lifestyle Section Pg 57-58
2 page copy of newspaper article 11"x15" size paper. Article tells the story of Anne Oehlschlaeger who majored in philosophy at Radcliffe and went to work on the New England Southern Railroad.


Baltimore & Ohio Magazine

"Walking On the Railroad", Baltimore & Ohio Magazine, June 1950, 21st Annual Women's Number, Cover + Pg.10-11
Cover plus 2 page article about Helen Griffin a stewardess/nurse of the B&O Railroad. Article has several black & white photos of Helen at work and home.

"Growing Up", Baltimore & Ohio Magazine, June 1950, 21st Annual Women's Number, Pg.2-5
4-page article tracing the history of women who worked for the B&O Railroad. Each year the Baltimore & Ohio Magazine dedicates one issue to the Women of the B&O Railroad. This article reviews the previous 20 annual issues that featured women. Lots of history and small pictures of the previous issues.

"The National Association of Railroad Women", Baltimore & Ohio Magazine, June 1950, 21st Annual Women's Number, Pg12-13, 46
3-page article regarding the spring regional meeting of the Association of Railroad Women. Article discusses the location of the meeting, workshops offered, and attendees.

"They Hold Important and Unusual B&O Positions", Baltimore & Ohio Magazine, June 1950, 21st Annual Women's Numbers, Pg. 32-33
2 page article about four unique women and their jobs. The women are: Esther Warner, chief of the file bureau in the Transportation Department, Theresa Green, statistician of the Coal Traffic Department, Viola Herrmann, receiving teller in the Treasurer's Office and Mae Tipton, a Chief Clerk.

Kids Discover

"Underground Railroad", Kids Discover, January 2005, Complete Magazine 19 Color Pages. Contains 2 pages on 'Definitions of the Underground Railroad', 2 pages 'Slavery in the South', 2 pages 'Heroes and Helpers', 2 pages 'Escape', 2 pages 'Harriet Tubman', 2 page map 'North to Freedom' 2 pages 'Stars, Songs, and Secret Signs' 2 pages 'Free at Last'

National Geographic

"Women at Work" The National Geographic Magazine, 1944, pgs193-220 black & white.
28 page article by La Verne Bradley, about women at Work during WWII. Covers all areas of factory work, from Riveters to Rail Workers. 23 different photos. 3 photos of women railroaders. Comprehensive overview of the time period, explore what jobs women were holding and how society viewed them.


"More Women Must Go to Work as 3,200,000 New Jobs Beckon", Newsweek Magazine September 6, 1943, Cover + Pg.74-76
Color cover and two-page article under the Business, Labor, and Agriculture Section of Newsweek. A call from the War Manpower Commission for more women to join the workforce. The color cover shows a woman, in the cab of a train and was part of a 'cover theme' for Newsweek & other national magazines, which were cooperating in a drive to spur women to do the jobs that would help to win the war.

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