Phoebe Snow

Phoebe Snow, an advertisers' dream.
She was alive or so it seems.
She was the one to set the style.
And give her thoughts all the while

This feminine beauty all dressed in white.
Told us of her journeys on the Road of Anthracite.
Just a traveler when she began her career.
Now 100 years later she's still got you by the ear.

(Poem in style of actual verses used for advertisement
Written by D. Lindeman & S. Moses)

***Phoebe Snow was a fictitious character developed for advertising the DL&W.
During the ad campaign an actress was hired to make public appearances and pose as Phoebe Snow.
Following is an excerpt from ISPWR…the Play, in which Phoebe Snow is portrayed as a living character***

I owe all of my success and my long career to the Lackawanna Railroad. You see I was the spokesperson for the DL&W you know, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. This railroad began using Anthracite instead of soft coal as fuel in all of its passenger locomotives and I was there to tell all about it.

What is Anthracite you ask? Anthracite is a hard coal unlike Bituminous coal, which is a soft, dirty, icky coal. This new hard coal produced fewer cinders and burned much cleaner than the soft coal. I love Anthracite. It's made train travel so much more enjoyable…and clean.

The first mention of me was in the early 1900's, when I began riding on the lines of the DL&W.

*Here is the maiden all in lawn.
Who boarded the train one early morn.
That runs on road of Anthracite.
And then she left the train that night.
She found to her surprised delight
Hard coal had kept her dress still bright.


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