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Women in Railroading is braching out its sales division by helping you offload your collections. If you are ready to sell your collections or are interested in selling them on consignment, Women in Railroading is here to help. With all of contacts, train shows, railroad festivals and Ebay Sales we can reach thousands of customers. We can assist with all types of collections. From Model Railroading (all scales) to prints, books, collectibles, and potentially any other railroad item we would like to help put you at ease. Please call us today for more information at 818-571-6825 or email at Please help support Women in Railroading. All proceeds from all sales go right to the organization.


The Harvey Girls Documentary is now available on DVD

The Harvey Girls - Opportunity Bound

The Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound is a new documentary film that explores how starting in the 1880's, over 100,000 brave young women, Harvey Girls as they were called, made an unusual decision to leave home and travel west to work as waitresses along the transcontinental railroad opening the doors of both the West and the workplace to women. In 1946, MGM turned the Harvey Girls into legend when they released the motion picture The Harvey Girls starring Judy Garland. Until now, this fictional Hollywood movie has been the only film to immortalize the Harvey Girls. Opportunity Bound examines this important part of America's history in much greater depth, and tells the story of the Harvey Girls using the voices of those closest to them, including rare interviews with the few remaining Harvey Girls and author and expert on Fred Harvey, Stephen Fried. In addition, the film explores the life of Fred Harvey and his company which left its mark by not only providing work opportunities for women, but by being among the first companies to promote cultural diversity in the workplace by hiring Hispanic and Native American women to be waitresses along with their Anglo peers. The Harvey Girls, whose workforce continued to flourish until the 1960s, were true pioneers and set a new standard of excellence for women in the workplace, paving the way for generations of independent young women to come. This is their story! Click here to place your order today.







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