Silver Spike Express Hall of Fame
Shirley Burman

The first Silver Spike Hall of Fame inductee is Mrs. Shirley Burman. Shirley is a railroad historian, photographer, lecturer, and researcher.. Her pictorial exhibit, Women and the American Railroad, was displayed at Travel Town during our 1999 event. When we first started gathering information about women in railroading, it was Shirley they all referred us too. Her hard work and dedication to women in railroading have been instrumental in keeping the dream alive.

Women of the War

Our second group of inductees are the Women of the War. A tribute to all of the women who came forward during wartime and kept the railroads a running. Getting dirty and making it happen.

The Harvey Girls

The third Silver Spike Award goes to the Harvey Girls...women who ventured far from home to distant places with wide-open spaces. Working as waitresses for the Fred Harvey Company, they served great meals with precision and style. Their techniques and timing were impeccable. You pulled into the station, got a hot meal and made it back on board just in time. No more prairie dog stew once these girls showed up.

Traveling Girl

The fourth Award goes to a world-class traveling girl. We're not sure of her name, but we do know she lived anywhere and everywhere and she likes to sing train songs. Something about her climbing in a window. Not sure what else to say about that one. But that we are proud to recognize all the women who followed their hearts and who utilized the train system for travel and exploration.

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