Kate Shelley

The year was 1881. The place, Des Moines, Iowa. Kate Shelley, who was only 15 years old, lived in a farmhouse in the beautiful valley of North Creek. She lived there with her mother (a railroaders widow) and her 5 other siblings.

Mary Jane Elizabeth Colter

All great people stories start with the birth of the person. And this story is no different. Mary was born April 14th, 1869, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Phoebe Snow

Phoebe Snow, an advertisers' dream.
She was alive or so it seems.
She was the one to set the style.
And give her thoughts all the while

This feminine beauty all dressed in white.
Told us of her journeys on the Road of Anthracite.
Just a traveler when she began her career.
Now 100 years later she's still got you by the ear.

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